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All our services are offered on a no risk element for our clients.

B oresha (BCSL & BA) provides solutions that span the entire credit lifecycle and we are engaged in Debt collection, Debt recovery and restructuring, receivable outsourcing and related ancillary services, private investigation and auctioneering services.

We enjoy a strong business relationship with banks, financial institutions, insurance houses, large corporations and public utilities. We maintain the highest ethical standards and a strong culture of compliance with the laws and regulations governing our business.

Our ongoing success is a result of our commitment to leading the way in ethical debt recovery, our disciplined approach to business and strategy and our focus on creating value.

We work towards removing the obstacles that stand between our client’s business and the money it’s owed, by maximizing the recovery of their outstanding debts.

Our polite, persuasive, persistent but professional approach to debt collection produces far better debt recovery results than the traditional strong-arm tactics.Our simple approach produces quicker payment from your debtors.

We understand that by releasing an account to us for collection our clients also release their brand to us. Being conscious of this, we ensure that we protect one of the most important aspects of our client’s business that is their brand.

We understand the importance of confidentiality of our client’s data and that is why we ensure that the data provided to us always remains confidential and for the same if desired we offer to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Our Team

Every team member of BCSL & BA plays a crucial role in protecting and building the company to be the leading in debt collection in East Africa. We have team members who understand how to manage debt properly and recover debt within the legal framework and maintain the relationship of long-term business partners.

The company comprise of the most focused and dedicated management team that brings in vast experience to ensures that the ambitions and vision of the company are actively pursued and the company goal of becoming one of the leading global players in the debts collection world is achieved.

All our directors are practicing Certified Public Accountants of Kenya for more than 10 years . The broad mix of academic and professional qualifications, skills and experience in both financial and investment sector in our directors makes the company the best in being able to assess, prevent, and eliminate potential risks that can lead to bad debt or irrecoverable debt.