Because of the nature and demand in debt collection services, Boresha credit services has extended a hand into business and private investigation.

Other Business Investigation

Background Check

BCSL investigation team has a large portfolio of success stories in business service. Each member of our team is a fully fledged professional and together with their experiences spannning over ten years of dedicated service to clients in their various capacities. They have had successful work with various corporate bodies, Government and private institutions and businesses. We have been involved in numerous successful and professional investigations on the following:
  • Criminal Investigations (Arson, Burglary and Searches & seizures etc.)
  • Brand Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Internal or external fraud
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Internal Theft
  • Computer crimes
  • Market Intelligence
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Records Research
  • Undercover and Surveillance Operations
  • Equivocal Death Investigations
  • Industrial counterespionage
  • Security auditing

Computer Security Services

BCSL has a tailor made services for complex computer fraud using industry standard best practice and procedures both to unravel evidence and to access the data inaccessible through conventional means with the result only known to those who instruct us. Our investigative services range from the design of network infrastructures to technical, policy and infrastructure consulting, digital forensics, etc) and in particular:

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Training policies and legal auditing
  • Web privacy compliance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Vulnerability assessment and Mitigation
  • Digital forensics
  • Data loss prevention
  • Decontamination

Private Investigation

BCSL private Investigation Solutions provides a number of services to its private clients by investigating and ascertaining some of the matters listed below among to solve problems linked to family rights, child protection and the peace and safety of the family:
  • Verifications for the re-assessment of maintenance costs and alimony
  • Asset verifications for separated spouses
  • Child protection
  • Investigations for child custody
  • Inheritance investigations
  • Investigations concerning parental relations
  • Tracing of missing/untraceable persons
  • Investigations into theft and fraud
  • Investigations into damage and harassment